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tin boxes

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A4 MAXI (A4 Maxi) size: 310x220x42mm


letter tin box (DL) size: 225x115x10mm


big tin case (DSE 150) size: 180x165x122mm


DIN A6 Maxi (A6 Maxi) size: 162x112x20mm


DIN A6 tin case (A6) size: 155x115x10mm


safe-can (DSE 012) size: 150x60x45mm


postcard tin (A6) size: 155x115x10mm


A5 tin case (A5) size: 215x155x13mm


DIN A4 tin (A4) size: 310x220x25mm

Rectangular tin boxes for any occasion

Rectangular tin boxes are perfect for different uses. They're not only very solid and useful, but also appear classy through their simple elegance. At the same time, rectangular tin boxes are neutral in their appearance und can easily be used as packaging. That's why we offer you an extensive selection of high quality tin boxes in different shapes and sizes.

Tin boxes for food

There's hardly anything rectangular tin boxes can't be used for. First off, there's the practical and safe storage of different groceries like coffee, tea or sweets. Backed goods and specialties like German "Stollen" can simply be stored in the designated tins and will stay fresh. For other groceries, we have our special tall rectangular storage tin - with a lot of space and for optimal freshness.

Tin boxes as media packaging for CDs/DVDs, USB-keys or SD-cards

Tin boxes are also a good way to safely store small objects from technical areas. Things like SD-cards or USB-keys are lost so easily - except it you store them in a box, that also fits perfectly into your pocket or your laptop bag. At the same time, the tin case efficiently protects these sensible electronic pieces from damage or dirt.

Other possible uses

If you always want to have your business cards at your fingertips, a special tin box is exactly the right solution. The cards won't suffer in the tin case and you can comfortably carry it with you at any time. Many people also employ rectangular tin boxes as solid and classy gift wrappings. We offer several different shapes and sizes for this purpose, that can be used to wrap gifts with a nice shape. The neutral design also enables you to find the perfect tin case for every occasion - and the gift is save from any possible damage, especially if it is being sent by mail.

Another popular place of use are offices. You can e.g. use rectangular tin boxes as pencil boxes or for your presentation material. We also have boxes for postcards, CDs, DVDs or others with windows for small things you always want to have at your fingertips. The small window allows you to quickly determine the content of the case - you won't have to search for things anymore, it's finally easy to keep your workplace in order.

All rectangular tin boxes can be ordered with an inscription if you wish so, depending on you as imprinting, laser engraving or pad print. With this refinement, you'll receive a high quality, exclusive and very elegant possibility way to store things and keep them in order. So come find your ideal tin box!